Zahra Noor is an award-winning belly dancer based in northern Delaware. She performs across the east coast, including Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Zahra has
a background in ballet, modern, jazz and tap, which she began at age 2 while living in England. She also was a competitive figure skater for several years in England and the U.S.


But Zahra soon fell in love with Raqs Sharqi, or more commonly known in the West as belly dance. She has spent the past few years honing her skills under the Egyptian style. Zahra prides herself on her knowledge of the style, and regularly trains with international superstars who live and work in Cairo. Zahra was a contestant on season 2 of Project Belly Dance, an online reality competition show created by Michelle Joyce. She also was a featured dancer in Belly Dance Evolution's "Dark Side of the Moon," a conceptual show created by international superstar Jillina.


Zahra is mostly known as a soloist, but while living in New York City, she performed with the Columbia Belly Dance Troupe, while working on her Master's degree at the university. While living in Delaware, Zahra regularly performs at private parties, such as weddings, birthdays and large corporate events around the east coast. She also can be seen at Pennsylvania and Maryland restaurants most weekends.


Zahra is a passionate dancer, known for her energy, musicality and authentic interpretation of Arab music. In her public and private belly dance performances she shares her love of oriental, folkloric, shaabi and baladi styles. She also adds props like wings, veil, cane and melaya in her performances, as well as audience participation for a fun and exciting show.


She also can perform to Turkish music upon request.

Hire Zahra
Zahra Noor - Professional Belly Dancer and Instructor in Pennsylvania

Zahra Noor - Professional Belly Dancer and Instructor in Delaware

Zahra Noor - Professional Belly Dancer and Instructor in Maryland

Zahra Noor - Professional Belly Dancer and Instructor in New Jersey

Wow your guests with a performance by Award-Winning Belly Dancer Zahra Noor. From birthdays to weddings, to corporate events, this professional dancer is the perfect fit for your event. Allow Zahra to dazzle you with her authentic Egyptian styling, and expressive and captivating performances. Her sophisticated multi-layer shows include orientale, folkloric, shaabi and baladi, and incorporate props such as veil, wings and cane. Zahra can customize her sets to match the style you desire, whether it be Egyptian, Turkish or Greek.

Mini Show

This 15 minute show is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of excitement to their event. Zahra will enter with veil or wings, dance with the guest of honor and dazzle the audience with a drum solo finale.

Full Show

This 30-35 minute performance is full of variety, from the music to the dancing itself. Zahra will enter with veil or wings, perform to various genres of Arabic music, dance with guests, use additional props and excite the audience with a drum solo finale.

Two Mini Shows

Your guests will be entertained by Zahra's dancing twice as she performs two 15 minute shows with a variety of Arabic music and exciting dancing. Guests will be dazzled by two elegant costumes.

Three Mini Shows

Your guests will be transported to Cairo during Zahra's full Egyptian production of three 15 minute shows. Zahra's first show will consist of a powerful entrance with veil or wings and popular classic Arabic songs. Her second show will consist of energetic folkloric and modern shaabi music. Zahra's final show will consist of exciting baladi music and a dazzling drum solo. Your guests will dance the night away with Zahra and be wowed by three elegant costumes.

Ladies Night/Kids Party Package

Zahra will entertain your guests with a sparkling belly dance show. Then she will teach the guests basic belly dance moves! Zahra will bring jingling hip scarves for your guests to borrow while they dance.

*Prices start at $250

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Client Testimonials

Read what Zahra's Clients and Audience are saying.

"We were looking for something different, captivating and a memorable entertainment for our wedding reception dinner party. We had seen Zahra perform once and she immediately came to our mind. We invited Zahra to perform in our wedding reception dinner party. She did three performances over the course of the evening and everyone stopped and watched her every graceful move. She was elegant, entertaining, engaging and invited everyone to dance with her. The kids were mesmerized and danced with her as well. We have beautiful pictures of her performance in our wedding album. It was a wonderful evening to remember in our life and our friends still talk about our reception and Zahra. Thank you Zahra!"

Natalia and Venkatesh, Downingtown, PA

"I hire Zahra for my restaurant Fez in Philadelphia. She is
a true professional, a beautiful dancer and an entertainer. Zahra interacts with the customers and encourages them
to get up and dance with her. She understands the music
Arab audiences know and love and that Western audience enjoy too. I recommend Zahra for your special event."

Tony Sawan, Fez Moroccan Restaurant and Hookah Lounge, Philadelphia, PA.

"Zahra has danced at several private parties and special events that I'm hired to DJ. She chooses a variety of popular Arab songs to dance to, and interprets them so well that even Arab clients ask if she's of Arab heritage. Zahra is a graceful and classy dancer, well-trained in her art form. She also is a great entertainer and has a lot of natural energy when she dances. Client always have fun when Zahra performs, and they enjoy getting up and dancing with her. As an Egyptian I can say Zahra is one of the best belly dancers in the U.S."

Akram Hanna, special events DJ and owner of Tropical Café, Collegeville, PA.

Learn from Zahra

Zahra is available for group, private and semi-private lessons at
Take the Lead Dance Studio in Hockessin, Delaware. For more information on Zahra's classes, check out this video:

Belly Dance originated in the Middle East, and is considered one
of the oldest dance forms in the world. The dance, which uses
torso and hip articulations has transformed over the years in
both its social and performance forms.

Belly dance is a low impact dance form, and perfect for any age
or experience levels. It helps strengthen the core, increase flexibility and stamina. Belly dance also creates a bonding environment
for participants, and helps boost self-confidence.

In Zahra's beginner level class, she will teach you the basic belly dance moves with a strong emphasis on technique. History
and origins of the dance, as well as musical understanding,
also will be taught.

In the intermediate level classes, students will begin to learn the performance aspect of the dance, and more advanced movements.

Belly dance is open to all ages and experience levels. Belly dancing is not just for women-men are welcome too! Belly dancing is perfect for someone looking for a fun way to stay in shape, or
for someone interested in performing this culturally rich art form.

Student Lesson Testimonials

Read what Zahra's bellydancing lesson students are saying

"I sought out Zahra Noor for a private lesson because I was so impressed by the beauty and effortless expressiveness of her dancing. I was pleased to learn that she was as sensitive to the nuances in my dancing; quickly finding very specific ways that I could improve my presentation and my ability to communicate as a dancer. I loved the way she encouraged me and I often think of her advice when I am practicing for performances."

Carlotte Doy, Student

"Zahra Noor is a wonderful teacher, dancer and choreographer. My interest is in Egyptian style belly dance, so I turned to her because I had seen her dance at Art of the Belly, and in the 2013 Jewels of the Orient Belly dance competition where
she won 2nd place in Oriental Pro Solo Division. I've worked with several instructors and Zahra is one of the best!"

Marilyn Brill, Student

"Columbia University Bellydance asked Zahra Noor to return to her former dance troupe as an instructor for a workshop last fall.
She was able to convey an impressive knowledge of Egyptian technique by focusing on body articulation and phrase combination
of traditional moves. Her leading is clear and direct with just the right amount of challenge. She paid attention to the level of the dancers in the in the room and gave a wealth of individual critiques. Over all, Zahra Noor has been a personal inspiration and role model; her unwavering enthusiasm is palpable on and off the stage."

Caspia Jade SchwartzPresident of CU Bellydance

Special Guests

Learn alongside Zahra from special guests of the industry in engaging and fun workshops
tailored around the dancer's style and influence. For more information click here.

Catch Zahra at one of these events!

Check out more of Zahra's performance videos over at her YouTube channel.

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